Interviews for podcasts and video channels


Ukas Koder Patricia Aas brenner for mangfold blant utviklere. Og sikkerhet i C++.

Tips For How Women Can Survive And Thrive In A Male-Dominated Tech Industry


All Things Git

Interviewed by Edward Thomson on All Things Git November 20rd, 2018:
Learning a New Codebase with Patricia Aas

.NET Rocks!

Interviewed by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on .NET Rocks! September 26th, 2018:
Reading Other People’s Code with Patricia Aas


Interviewed by Scott Hanselman on Hanselminutes in May 2018, which was published in June 2018:
C++ and Browser Monoculture with Vivaldi’s Patricia Aas


Guest blogpost on Jonathan Boccara’s blog Fluent C++ 10 Techniques That Will Make You Understand Other People’s Code Better which was also republished on the Vivaldi blog. This was also the basis of a talk called Reading Other People’s Code which was presented at Web Rebels 2018.


Interview in Digi (Norwegian online newspaper) – Koding var alt jeg likte med matte, bare bedre



Interviewed by Rob Irving and Jason Turner on CppCast in September 2017.


Interviewed by Seth Juarez on Channel9 during NDC Oslo in June 2017