C++ for Java Developers

JavaZone 2017

Patricia Aas, 13 September 2017

C++ for Java Developers

Introduction to Modern C++ for programmers with a Java background. Maps key concepts to Java concepts and dives into how C++ programmers deal with and think about memory. This intersection is interesting whether you are learning or teaching C++.

C++ for Java Developers (JavaZone 2017) from Patricia Aas

C++ for Java Developers, Android Edition: Patricia Aas from JavaZone on Vimeo.

Ever wanted to learn C++ but never had the time? This presentation will introduce you to the C++ language while touring the C++ layer of Android hiding just beneath the Java layer. What is the underlying implementation of a SurfaceView vs TextureView? How does Binder work? How does decoding of media work? This talk will hopefully give you enough C++ background to read and understand the Android source when you find yourself in a C++ class after doing a Google search.