Deconstructing Privilege

Being Spared a Hardship (NDC Oslo 2018)

Patricia Aas, 15 June 2018

Can you describe a situation that caused to realize you were privileged? I have asked many people that question now, and what I have learned is that privilege is an Unconscious Incompetence. Being privileged is a non-event. When we become conscious of it we realize that our privileged experience is not applicable to less privileged people. What happens to them does not happen to us. Only when we become Consciously Incompetent do we realize the need to listen. We need to learn.

In this talk I hope to make you realize that we all have privilege and to start a journey through self reflection to becoming Consciously Incompetent. I hope also to give some indicators and patterns that you can look for in your daily lives to recognize and maybe even to correct imbalances you see.

Presented at NDC Oslo 2018

Deconstructing Privilege (NDC Oslo 2018) from Patricia Aas